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Magician David Fox amazing guests with a sleight-of-hand card trick in the grounds of a London wedding venue.

Hiring a London Magician FAQ | David Fox

Magician David Fox performing card magic outside a church in London.

Sometimes people who have never hired a professional magician may have some questions to ask. David is always delighted to respond to any of your own unique queries, either by email, telephone, or during a face-to-face consultation. However, here are some frequently asked questions which David Fox hopes will assist you.

Q. Why should I call upon the services of magician David Fox?

A. David is one of the few professional magicians in the country. He has a wealth of experience and has performed at many of the top venues throughout the UK and Europe. David is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle organisation which requires members to undertake a rigorous examination process to gain entry. He is also a member of Equity, has full Public Liability Insurance, and holds an up-to-date CRB certificate.

Q. What type of magic does David perform?

A. Unlike many magicians, David can perform both close-up magic and stage/parlour magic too. David also classes table-magic during a meal to be different from 'mix-and-mingle' magic at drinks receptions. Indeed, he has developed his own unique brand of illusions and effects which can be integrated into the proceedings accordingly. David has a fine range of routines which will hold the audience's attention and get excellent reactions. These include: visual illusions, card magic, sleight-of-hand with money and other objects, psychological effects, mind-reading, perplexing predictions...

Q. At what type of events can David perform?

A. David has delivered his sensational brand of magic at all types of functions and occasions over the years. Wedding receptions, parties, black-tie events and charity balls may be the most obvious situations for a magician but you can enhance so many other social gatherings with David's presence. He has performed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, on board The Viscount during HRH Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee flotilla celebrations, market places, trade events (promoting products and services), fashion shows, high security prisons, hospitals, residential homes, schools, offices, banks, shops, churches...

David Fox performing magic for the residents of London.

Q. Surely magic is just for children?

A. Children obviously enjoy magic as much as adults and David is delighted to work with all age groups. David has spent some time working in schools and colleges and always enjoys striking a rapport with a younger audience. However, the notion that magic is just for children is inaccurate. David's extensive repertoire allows him to tailor his performance depending on the age-group he is working with. Recently he performed at the birthday parties of a six year old boy and sixty year old grandmother over the same weekend! Both events were a resounding success.

Q. What type of services and packages does David provide?

A. David can provide close-up magic, table magic, stage/parlour show of magic and also balloon modelling services if need be. His packages will be created depending on guest numbers, nature of the event, time of event and location.

Q. For how long can David Fox perform magic?

A. Recently a couple booked David for their wedding reception. He performed close-up 'mix-and-mingle' magic for two hours during the early part of the evening reception. He then finished with a twenty minute stage show for all of the guests just before the DJ struck up with the opening track! Afterwards David also provided balloon modelling for all the children present. In total he was working at the venue for around three hours, but it really just depends on guest numbers and the expectations of the client. David is always flexible and the client and people at the event will always come first. There were around one hundred people present last night, but smaller, or even larger, events may require a different strategy.

Q. I am a little unsure about how my guests may react to a close-up magician...

A. David is a master of subtly integrating his magic into a social situation. Many years of experience and performance in cafes, bars and restaurants have honed his social skills perfectly. A magical effect and routine is essentially a social interaction. The trick is to always remember that the magician is not the most important person at the event. Indeed, it is quite often what David appears to not do which is more important than what he does...

David Fox performing a classic magic trick at a wedding in London.

Q. Does David only do magic with playing cards?

A. No, David's performance is full of surprises! He does love to perform exceptional world class magic with a deck of playing cards, but he also appreciates that variety is essential in order to fully engage and entertain an audience. Indeed, David's magical repertoire is most impressive and includes a stunning array of illusions, routines, and effects which will leave you and your guests profoundly mesmerised. Like any magician worth his salt, David Fox has created his own unique magical effects which only he and he alone performs. This is one of the hallmarks of a dedicated professional magician and it is essential in order to develop a pedigree and standing within the art of magic. David's performances include: card manipulation, mind reading and psychological effects, classic sleight-of-hand, parlour illusions, and exquisite gambling demonstrations; all guaranteed to please the crowd! David is also a magnificent balloon modeller and is always very happy to create intricate models for delighted audiences to take home and cherish!

Q. Is David Fox available for performances outside of London and internationally?

A. David is the international man of mystery, magic, and illusion. He performs magic at venues throughout the UK and around the world. David spent several years in France and Belgium perfecting his magical skills, and has enchanted audiences as far afield as Beijing and Shanghai. David's magic is very special as it appeals to people of all cultures and social backgrounds! David Fox's magic is unique, versatile and highly accessible to all age groups. He is always sensitive to the requirements of the client, his audience, the occasion, and venue. A true professional and world class magician, David Fox will ensure the job is done to an exceptional standard every single time he performs... Contact David today for your next special event.

Q. How does David perform on wedding days?

A. David can customise a unique package for your special day. Every wedding day is different and David is always extremely meticulous in his preparations for each performance. At most wedding receptions David will deliver his wonderful close-up magic during the drinks reception and photographs. This is a tremendous ice breaker and will keep everyone thoroughly amused and entertained during what can be a rather monotonous period of the day. Sometimes David is called upon to entertain during the wedding breakfast and his sensational table magic is always certain to captivate your loved ones. David's elegant parlour show is also ideal for wedding receptions. At the last wedding reception he performed at he enchanted the entire wedding party immediately after the speeches with his wonderful show. Indeed, sometimes David's show can be utilised during a room change when the DJ is setting up for the evening function. Rest assured, David will always provide a world class level of service and ensure that your unique requirements are fulfilled on what will be one of the most important days of the bride and groom's lives.

Magician David Fox performing card magic outside of a venue in London.

Q. How much does it cost to call upon David's services?

A. The prices for David's packages and services are very reasonable as far as entertainment costs go. Sometimes people forget the large amount of preparation time required to put on a world class magic show. As soon as you contact David, you will receive nothing but the finest service. Essentially you will obtain the following services:

  • 1. Consultation
  • 2. Planning phase (David will contact venue and ensure his magic is integrated into the schedule appropriately. He is in contact with the client on a regular basis.)
  • 3. Preparation phase (David will formulate the effects and routines required for a particular event.)
  • 4. Delivery of performance
  • 5. Feedback phase